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At Manukyan Law Firm, our California employment law attorneys represent workers in Riverside and throughout Riverside County because we believe all employees’ voices should be heard when their workplace rights have been violated.

Over 317,000 people call Riverside home, and 151,000 work directly inside the city’s just over 81 square miles. Riverside’s economy consists largely of industry-related jobs that generate a range of products including aircraft components, automotive parts, gas cylinders, electronic equipment, food products, and medical devices in the Hunter Industrial Park, Sycamore Canyon Industrial Park, and Airport Industrial Areas. The education and healthcare industries also play a major role in Riverside’s economy and its workers’ livelihoods.

Any time even one Riverside employee’s rights are violated — whether it is a wage and hour dispute that impacts their pay, or sexual harassment claims that impact their physical, emotional, and psychological well-being — our skilled employment law attorneys in Riverside County will design a customized legal strategy to pursue success for your clam.

Contact our dedicated employment lawyers today to learn more.

At Manukyan Law Firm, our employment lawyers in Riverside County know that workplace violations can occur in all workplace positions and industries, and each must be countered with a legal remedy.

Our Riverside employment law attorneys make a difference in our clients’ lives by representing workers throughout Riverside County in the following practice areas:

Our experienced Riverside employment law attorneys are here to listen to your story, collect critical evidence, and develop a dedicated legal strategy that produces results for your unique circumstances. Call us now to learn more.

At the Manukyan Law Firm, our skilled Riverside employment law attorney knows most employees are unsure of exactly what their workplace rights are, let alone how to enforce them.

This is not uncommon. It is why we are here.

Federal, state, and even local laws are constantly changing in California. As employee protections grow, worker entitlements evolve, and wage and hour requirements change, our dedicated Riverside employment law attorney is here to ensure employers follow each amendment to the letter.

We understand that when it comes to your legal rights, and ensuring your voice is heard, experience matters. We are more than employment law attorneys. We are trusted employee advocates who can help you identify the signs of workplace wrongdoing, so you can take a stand.

Contact us today to learn more about your legal rights and options to hold your employer accountable for their unlawful actions or inaction, so you can pursue the legal remedy you deserve.

At the Manukyan Law Firm, our dedicated Riverside employment law attorney represents clients throughout California who have been subjected to sexual harassment, wrongful termination, wage disputes, discrimination, and employer retaliation.

This means we build our cases to meet the legal thresholds available through federal, state, and local employment laws that protect our clients.

California employees are protected by the following general legislation, and others not listed that may apply to their unique cases:

In addition, the California Civil Rights Department has laws that supersede their federal counterparts, which are more far-reaching and include, but are not limited to:

You deserve legal representation that puts you first. Call for an appointment with Riverside employment lawyers today by calling (818) 208-4822 or contact us online

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