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    At Manukyan Law Firm, our California employment law attorneys represent workers in Long Beach and throughout Los Angeles County. This includes the nearly 456,000 residents who call Long Beach home, and the over 231,000 employees who work in the city, when their employment rights are violated.  

    More than 30,000 jobs in Long Beach, 316,000 jobs throughout Southern California, and 1.4 million jobs throughout the United States are supported by the Port of Long Beach, making it the second busiest seaport in the country, according to the City of Long Beach Workforce Demographic Report. With trade valued annually at more than $140 billion, the port generates about $16 billion in annual trade-related wages statewide.

    In addition, government, education, healthcare, electronics, real estate, and research and development companies are headquartered in Long Beach, which supplies tens of thousands of jobs locally.  

    Our Los Angeles County employment law attorneys understand that is easy for California employees to fall into a routine of going to work, doing their jobs, and collecting paychecks while looking forward to their days off. The in-between may be filled with things workers do not necessarily like about their jobs, which could include long hours, coworkers, or company policies. While there is not much we can do about the clashing personalities and ever-changing shifts, when workplace issues violate Long Beach employee rights, we provide the legal representation they need to hold their employers — no matter their size or industry — liable for the unlawful behavior while producing tangible results for the clients who count on us.

    To learn how we can help you, contact our trusted employment lawyers today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your workplace rights, and how we can help you protect them.  

    Manukyan Law Firm Long Beach, California Employment Attorney Practice Areas

    At Manukyan Law Firm, our employment lawyers in Los Angeles County know that no matter where you work, or in which industry, California employees’ rights are violated in many ways.

    The reality is, many California employers ignore viable employee complaints that could lead to lawsuits. Others do all they can to deny allegations of unlawful treatment, while some blatantly skirt our employment laws because they believe they can get away with it. We believe otherwise.

    Our Long Beach employment law attorneys make a difference in our clients’ lives by representing workers throughout Los Angeles County in the following practice areas:

    If you believe your workplace rights have been violated, call us now to learn more about the local, state, and federal laws that are designed to protect you, and how our skilled Long Beach employment law attorneys can help enforce them.

    Partner With an Experienced Employment Law Firm in Long Beach, California

    At the Manukyan Law Firm, our skilled Long Beach employment lawyers know that most employees are unsure of what their workplace rights are, so are often unaware when they are being violated.

    That is why we are here.

    Federal, state, and even local laws are constantly changing in California. As employee protections grow, worker entitlements evolve, and wage and hour requirements change, our dedicated Long Beach employment law attorney is here to ensure employers follow each amendment to the letter.

    We understand that when it comes to your legal rights, and ensuring your voice is heard, experience matters. We are more than employment law attorneys. We are trusted employee advocates who can help you identify the signs of workplace wrongdoing, so you can take a stand.

    Contact us today to learn more about your legal rights and options to hold your employer accountable for their unlawful actions or inaction, so you can pursue the legal remedy you deserve.

    Our Long Beach Employment Lawyers Focus This Service in the Following Cities Also:

    Federal and State Legal Resources for Employees in Long Beach, California

    At the Manukyan Law Firm, our dedicated Long Beach employment law attorney represents clients throughout California who have been subjected to sexual harassment, wrongful termination, wage disputes, discrimination, and employer retaliation.

    This means we build our cases to meet the legal thresholds available through federal, state, and local employment laws that protect our clients.

    California employees are protected by the following general legislation, and others not listed that may apply to their unique cases:

    In addition, the California Civil Rights Department has laws that supersede their federal counterparts, which are more far-reaching and include, but are not limited to:

    You deserve legal representation that puts you first. Call for an appointment with Long Beach employment lawyers today by calling (818) 559-4444 or contacting us online

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