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    Were You the Victim of Unfair Retaliation? Call Manukyan Law Firm

    If someone reports a problem in their workplace, such as illegal activities or discriminatory practices, their supervisor is not allowed to demote them, cut their pay, or even terminate them. This is considered retaliation. While there are situations in which a worker may be legitimately disciplined by an employer, all too often, employers retaliate against workers unfairly. Though this retaliation is often camouflaged as a disciplinary action, this does not mean you are stuck living with this kind of abuse. If you believe you have been the victim of workplace retaliation, contact our employment lawyer in Glendale to discuss your options.

    We fight to protect workers. Call Manukyan Law Firm at (818) 559-4444.

    Identifying Different Kinds of Retaliation

    The workplace is a complicated environment with multifaceted relationships and responsibilities. However, one should not have to fear mistreatment or harassment for speaking out about problems they see in their workplace. We have seen any number of situations result in unfair retaliation, including filing for workers’ compensation, reporting ADA violations, reporting sexual harassment, participating in investigations targeting a client’s employer, and many more.

    Retaliation can take many forms, including:

    • Falsely negative performance reviews
    • Sabotaging the victim’s work
    • Cut wages or hours
    • Work schedule discrimination
    • Discrimination or harassment
    • Demotion
    • Being denied a promotion
    • Wrongful termination

    It’s staggering how often employers get away with unlawful retaliation against an employee. Our employment lawyer in Glendale is committed to protecting client rights and ensuring that employers are held to a higher standard.

    You Have Rights; We Will Fight for Them

    Because we appreciate how emotionally fraught these cases can be, we work hard to provide compassionate legal counsel. We also believe everyone should enjoy the benefits of a positive work environment, and no one should be penalized for doing the right thing. Unfortunately, the fear of retaliation keeps many people from standing up for their rights and reporting problems they see in their workplace. Our dedicated retaliation lawyer in Glendale has extensive experience handling all kinds of workplace discrimination cases, including whistleblower cases, and we are here to help you find your voice. When you have questions, we have answers.

    If you’ve been retaliated against by your employer, we can help. Call Manukyan Law Firm at (818) 559-4444.

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