5 Warning Signs of Workplace Disability Discrimination
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Five Signs of Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

Five Signs of Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

Let’s take a look at five signs of workplace disability discrimination. This will help you identify if your rights are being violated.

# 1 Not getting the job due to your condition

A prospective employer may refuse to hire you solely because of your condition or disability. One way to detect this is if the position is between you and an equally qualified person. If the employer chooses the other candidate only because he is not disabled, that could be considered discrimination.

During the interview process, the conditions must be adapted to ensure that you have the same opportunities to apply. For example, if your employer requires you to take a test on a computer and you have a disability that prevents you from reading screens, they must accommodate you with a screen reader.

# 2 Being harassed by co-workers

If your boss, supervisor, co-worker, or any member of the company makes offensive comments about your disability, that could be considered discrimination.

Verbal abuse, physical assault, and name-calling are examples of harassment that would be considered discrimination against you as a person with a disability when they occur in the workplace.

# 3 Not getting the accommodations you need

The employer must give you reasonable accommodations for the job you were hired for unless it is too expensive or causes a massive delay. These accommodations can be small or large in the workplace. Regardless, if it is within reason, it must be provided to you.

# 4 Receiving different treatment due to your disability

Even if an employer’s actions were not intended to be discriminatory, they might still perpetuate discriminatory acts that make you stand out because of your disability. All employees must be treated the same.

If you face demotions or limitations in your position due to your disability, that can be considered discrimination too.

# 5 Getting penalized for talking

When a worker reports any mistreatment to Human Resources, they cannot face penalties for speaking out against their employer or co-worker who mistreated them. This is also the case when a worker with a disability feels that he has been discriminated against in the workplace.


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