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    When people think of workers’ rights, they usually picture factory employees working 12-hour days for little pay while risking serious injury. The workers’ rights movement may have originated from an environment like this, but the workplace has evolved and so has the way employers mistreat their employees. Today, employees are facing more subtle forms of mistreatment.

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    Wage theft, sexual harassment, and discrimination are just a few of the ways employers and coworkers can create a hostile work environment. These offenses typically start out small- something you might think of strange at the time, but nothing that warrants legal action. Over time, the offenses grow more egregious, to the point where you feel like no one will listen to the difficulties you are facing because they are such a normal part of the company culture.

    You should never feel ignored at your place of employment. You have a right to try and make things better, and the Glendale employment attorney of Manukyan Law Firm is here to help.

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    Taking action against a hostile work environment can be intimidating. No one wants to jeopardize their job, career, or reputation by making accusations against someone who has power over their employment. Keep in mind that, regardless of how the case resolves, you have protection when you take legal action against your employer. You cannot be terminated for bringing your concerns to court. If an employer engages in discrimination retaliation against an employee for whistleblowing or taking legal action, then that employee has grounds for another lawsuit.

    In many cases, however, employees find that they are not the only one who has noticed or experienced the mistreatment occurring in their workplace. Taking the initiative and hiring an attorney to help you bring this employment law infraction to light can benefit your coworkers as well.

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    Our Glendale employer lawyer has dedicated his practice to fighting on behalf of mistreated employees in Southern California. When you hire our firm, you will have someone standing by your side as you stand up for your employee rights. Please contact our Glendale Employment Lawyers for more legal assistance at Manukyan Law Firm.

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