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    Protecting Employees’ Rights

    No one should have to suffer discrimination, and at Manukyan Law Firm, our attorneys fight aggressively to protect the rights of employees. No matter what type of job you work, and no matter your level and position in your company, if you’ve been discriminated against, we can help.

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    Employment Discrimination Cases

    Dealing with workplace discrimination is particularly difficult. In addition to the immediate problems you face, there are many long-term consequences to this kind of discrimination, including emotional trauma, lost wages, and stress-related health problems. Whether you have been denied a job, passed over for promotion, or you have been unfairly targeted for cutbacks, layoffs, etc. as a result of discrimination, we can help.

    Manukyan Law Firm can help with any case involving discrimination based on:

    • Disability (or other medical conditions)
    • Age
    • Race
    • Gender and gender identity
    • Sexual orientation
    • Sexual harassment
    • Pregnancy and parenting
    • Military or veteran status
    • Religion
    • Wage and hour discrimination
    • Whistleblowing
    • Retaliation
    • Wrongful termination

    We Have Years of Experience

    Our discrimination lawyers in Glendale have the knowledge and experience needed to help you feel confident and supported in court. If you were discriminated against due to a disability, age, race, gender, etc. we are ready to provide detail-oriented legal representation that is both rigorous and compassionate. When you need someone on your side, call us.

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    At Manukyan Law Firm, our employment discrimination attorneys firmly believe that employers should be held accountable for their actions. No matter what your disability, age, race, gender, religion, you should be treated fairly. We aggressively fight against workplace discrimination. We are proud to bring clients compassionate legal counsel that considers the whole person; we know that clients are more than just a case number, and we work to provide you with legal solutions that protect your rights and focus on your future. From helping clients who have been denied consideration for a job to those whose employers stood by and did nothing while coworkers harassed them, we fight tirelessly to stop discrimination in the workplace.

    You deserve legal representation that puts you first. Call for an appointment with Glendale discrimination lawyers at (818) 559-4444.

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