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  • Guide To California Wrongful Termination Laws

    [ez-toc] Employees in California are protected from wrongful termination at the federal and state levels. California has specific rules that govern circumstances under which employers…

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  • How To Prove A Wrongful Termination Claim in California

    [ez-toc] Wrongful termination can have a major impact on your life, causing you to lose your livelihood and suffer emotional trauma. If you believe your…

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  • Guide To California Statute of Limitations for Wrongful Termination

    [ez-toc] When you lose your job under unfair circumstances, you lose your livelihood and may be unclear about your legal rights to pursue compensation. If…

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  • Examples of Wrongful Termination in California

    When someone claims that they have been wrongfully terminated from their employment, they often mean that their firing violated state or federal laws. Employers in…

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