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  • California Meal Break & Rest Break Laws

    California meal and rest break laws are essential protections for employees. These laws govern the rights of non-exempt workers to receive meal breaks and rest…

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  • How To Prove A Wrongful Termination Claim in California

    Wrongful termination can have a major impact on your life, causing you to lose your livelihood and suffer emotional trauma. If you believe your employer…

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  • Guide To California Statute of Limitations for Wrongful Termination

    When you lose your job under unfair circumstances, you lose your livelihood and may be unclear about your legal rights to pursue compensation. If you’ve…

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  • What Constitutes a Hostile Working Environment in California?

    At Manukyan Law Firm, our Glendale employment law attorney knows a hostile work environment is legally defined in California as a workplace where inappropriate conduct of supervisors…

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  • Guide to Overtime Laws in California

    Working a job where overtime is a possibility can be challenging, especially when you don’t have enough employees to cover all of the available shifts….

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  • Guide To Fair Employment Housing Act (FEHA) in California

    The Fair Employment Housing Act in California (FEHA California) is a state employment law that was passed to protect employees from unfair employers in the…

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  • Examples of Wrongful Termination in California

    When someone claims that they have been wrongfully terminated from their employment, they often mean that their firing violated state or federal laws. Employers in…

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  • Guide To California Workplace Leave Laws

    At times, life’s circumstances can make it necessary to take time off from work. If you become seriously ill or need to care for a…

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  • I’m an unpaid intern treated as an employee. What are my rights? 

    As an unpaid intern, if you perform the same tasks as a regular employee, you are entitled to receive compensation for the hours worked. Internships…

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  • What Qualifies as Disability Discrimination Under California Law?

    Various laws in California protect people from disability discrimination by an employer in the workplace. This protection also extends to discrimination from housing providers and…

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  • FAQ: How COVID-19 Affects Employment Law in California

    The outbreak of a new coronavirus originating from Wuhan, China last year has since swept across the world in a pandemic affecting hundreds of thousands…

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  • California Laws on Service Dogs in the Workplace

    California law allows people with disabilities to use service dogs at work in order to perform their duties as employees. Under the California Fair Employment…

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  • Accommodating Employees With Disabilities by Modifying The Worksplace.

    California employment law takes into account the rights of people with disabilities and the obligations of employers. The Fair Housing and Employment Act (FEHA) protects…

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  • Five Signs of Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

    Let’s take a look at five signs of workplace disability discrimination. This will help you identify if your rights are being violated. # 1 Not…

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