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    Edgar Manukyan - Glendale Employment LawyerEdgar Manukyan founded Manukyan Law Firm with the mission of helping employees level the playing field against employers who have mistreated them. Edgar was drawn to employment law because it offered a chance to represent victims who do not always have a voice. In personal injury, the victims are typically aware that they have been mistreated and want those responsible to take accountability. Employees, however, do not always realize that they are being taken advantage for years. Edgar is a fierce advocate for employees, and he founded his firm so that he could devote his time and energy to fighting for their rights.

    The legal process can be complex, and Edgar is known for his ability to guide clients through every step of their case. He is transparent and honest, always providing clients with forthright information about their case and responding to all questions and phone calls as quickly as possible. His dedication to his practice and his clients has led to countless successful cases and class action settlements that resulted in millions of dollars for his clients.

    Edgar is a graduate of the University of California-Irvine where he majored in political science. He went on to obtain his J.D. from Southwestern, where he received the Wildman-Schumacher scholarship. He is fluent in both English and Armenian, and his firm also offers services in Spanish and Russian. Clients of the firm are not charged any legal fees until the case is resolved.

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