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The state of California has some of the most employee protective laws in the United States, including rights for wages, breaks, time off, and privacy. Unfortunately, employers in California do still attempt to take advantage of their employees. When that happens, it’s important to retain the counsel of a dedicated employment law attorney serving Southern California.

At Manukyan Law Firm, we represent employees in Glendale and the Greater Los Angeles area involved in employment disputes. Employees should never be denied their rights, but cases involving wage theft and discrimination are still rampant problems throughout the U.S. workforce. Los Angeles, California is no exception, and our Glendale employment attorneys have the knowledge of both federal and state law to protect your rights as an employee.

Fighting Against Employee Mistreatment

Hostile work environments can take many forms. We have fought for clients who were dealing with sexual harassmentwrongful terminationwage disputesdiscrimination, and employer retaliation.

The Manukyan Law Firm is here to help when your employer is taking advantage of you. If you’ve been the victim of mistreatment at the hands of your employer, contact our law office today and tell us about your situation. When we understand the details of your situation, our employment attorneys in Glendale can provide you with honest feedback regarding your legal options.

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